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Security film installation

Safety & Security, are two words we at LEA Security Film believe in wholeheartedly, in fact, it’s in our name. We’re your local security film installation, repair, and replacement company that spans across Toronto and the GTA. With a surge of break-ins across the province, it’s clear that it’s not a question of if you need protection, but more so why you haven’t installed it yet.

Security Film Window Installation

Security film is a transparent, protective layer applied to glass surfaces to reinforce them against impacts, break-ins, and UV rays, providing enhanced security without compromising visibility. Secure your windows today, for a discreet addition to your home security system.


Security Film Glass Door Installation

Security film is an invisible shield, safeguarding glass surfaces against impacts, break-ins, and harmful UV rays, ensuring enhanced security without sacrificing transparency. Protect your glass doors from potential break-ins or vandalism. We’re here to secure your home.


Custom Security Film Installation

Security film offers a customizable layer of protection for glass surfaces, shielding them from impacts, break-ins, and UV rays, all while remaining virtually invisible, tailored to suit your specific security needs. Need something protected beyond a window or a door? 


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Discreet & secure

Most victims of a burglary, are done to those who least expect it. Security Film is a discreet decision that can be the difference between having your house invaded or stopping the bad guys in their tracks. Our goal as an institution in our community is to provide peace of mind, we want our customers to feel secure, and we opt to provide affordable pricing, and seamless coordination to get you and your family sorted, with top-notch security.

Never be in doubt about whether it’s necessary to protect your family and your possessions. A few dollars per square foot will save you from thousands of dollars potentially being robbed from your home if you fall victim to criminal activity.

Don’t Be A Statistic

If you’re in doubt about whether or not you believe you need Security Film installation for your Window or Glass Doors, just google the crime in your neighborhood or city. You will be shocked. The news so far in the new year, has been constant with breaks in across southern ontario. 

Go on vacations and leave your home for a night out with peace of mind. You shouldn’t have to worry if you’ll be the next victim of a burglary. 

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