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Are you looking for Security Film for your Windows or Glass Doors? If so, we are ready to help you secure your home so you’ll never have to worry about your safety. We at LEA Security Film only use the best quality material, have the most skilled installation specialists, and can show up at your residential or commercial location, as soon as you call and schedule a time!

Currently, we offer window and glass door security film installation, however, our installation specialists are skilled. Do you need something other than a window or door secured? Make sure to contact us and ask questions, we may be able to help you outside of the scope that is listed here,

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Security Film Window Installation

Security film is a transparent, protective layer applied to glass surfaces to reinforce them against impacts, break-ins, and UV rays, providing enhanced security without compromising visibility. Secure your windows today, for a discreet addition to your home security system.


Security Film Glass Door Installation

Security film is an invisible shield, safeguarding glass surfaces against impacts, break-ins, and harmful UV rays, ensuring enhanced security without sacrificing transparency. Protect your glass doors from potential break-ins or vandalism. We’re here to secure your home.


Custom Security Film Installation

Security film offers a customizable layer of protection for glass surfaces, shielding them from impacts, break-ins, and UV rays, all while remaining virtually invisible, tailored to suit your specific security needs. Need something protected beyond a window or a door?