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Markham, Ontario, embodies progress and innovation in the heart of York Region, just a stone’s throw away from¬† Downtown Toronto. With its thriving real estate market and vibrant neighborhoods, Markham is an attractive destination for young professionals and families. However, amidst the excitement of homeownership, ensuring the safety and security of your household is paramount.

At LEA Security Film, we understand the importance of protecting your home and loved ones. Our expertise lies in installing safety films, an advanced technology that provides an invisible layer of protection for your windows and glass doors. Recent news segments have highlighted a concerning increase in home invasions across the region, underscoring the need for proactive security measures.

Our security films offer a simple yet effective solution to fortify your home without compromising its aesthetics. Transparent and virtually undetectable, these films act as a deterrent against forced entry, vandalism, and other security threats. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a longtime resident of Markham, investing in the security of your property ensures peace of mind and invaluable protection for your family and possessions.

Don’t wait until you become the next headline in the local news. Take proactive steps to secure your home with LEA Security Film. Because in Markham, safeguarding your home is a priority, and we’re here to help you achieve that peace of mind.

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Composition of Security Film | What It’s Made Of

  • Polyester (PET) or Polyethylene (PE) base material
  • Multiple layers of polyester or polyethylene film
  • Adhesive layer(s) for bonding the film to glass surfaces
  • UV inhibitors to prevent degradation from sunlight exposure
  • Scratch-resistant coatings for durability
  • Impact-resistant additives for enhanced strength
  • Tear-resistant properties to prevent easy puncturing or tearing
  • Clear or tinted options for varying levels of visibility and light transmission
  • Some formulations may include additional proprietary additives for specific performance characteristics, such as blast resistance or graffiti protection.


  • Solar Control Film: Helps regulate temperature by reducing solar heat gain through windows and blocks harmful UV rays, protecting furnishings and occupants from sun damage.
  • Safety Film: Designed to hold glass together upon impact, preventing shards from scattering in the event of breakage, and reducing the risk of injury and providing protection against forced entry.
  • Anti-Graffiti Film: Provides a sacrificial layer over surfaces such as glass or metal, protecting them from vandalism and graffiti. Allows for easy removal of graffiti without damaging the underlying surface.
  • Bomb Blast Film: Mitigates the impact of explosions by holding glass together upon detonation, reducing the risk of flying debris and protecting occupants from injury.
  • Security Mesh Film: Incorporates a layer of metal mesh within the polymer to provide enhanced protection against forced entry and break-ins. Strengthens the glass and makes it more resistant to penetration.
  • RF Shielding Film: Blocks electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves and microwaves, used in sensitive environments such as laboratories and military facilities to prevent electronic eavesdropping and interference.
  • Bullet-Resistant Film: Designed to withstand ballistic impacts, providing defense against firearms and other ballistic threats.
  • Fire-Retardant Film: Slows down the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire, providing valuable time for evacuation and reducing property damage.